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Travel Fitness



Going on a vacation? Just because you've booked time off doesn't mean you have to give working out a break. Here's how to stay fit, even if you're far, far away from the gym.

A resistance band

They barely take any space in your suitcase but can do plenty to help you stay in great shape. You can do squats with overhead press or side lunges anywhere you go.

Your smartphone

With so many amazing workout apps available (we love Fitocracy), you don't have to feel guilty about not seeing your trainer.

Neck pillow

We love them on flights but you can also slide them under your back to make your crunches a bit more challenging.


Swimming is one of the best workouts for your body since you're using all of your muscles. Pack a bathing suit and be prepared to jump in the water.

Travel Mat

Find one that folds up easily in your suitcase so you can do downward dog anywhere you go.

Running shoes

Running is one of the most accessible ways to workout while traveling. Pack a pair of runners and explore your destination through a mind-clearing morning jog. If you're staying at a Fairmont Hotel & Resorts location, you can also take advantage of their Fitness Fit program that gives guests access to workout gear and footwear.

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glow digital magazine

Click here to view the latest issue of Glow magazine

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